Out on 06 August 2020

Sorcery of a Queen

Brian Naslund

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06 August 2020
1000 minutes
Steven Brand

Dragon-slayers don't expect to survive to retirement age, but Bershad has unexpectedly thrived. Yet this very notoriety may be his downfall. This is book two of this epic, adventurous fantasy trilogy.

Change is coming - but will they survive the storm?

After the revelations in Blood of an Exile, Bershad and his crew are poised on a knife-edge. And they can only hope they have the strength to face the dangers in store. While Bershad continues to hide a life-changing secret, Ashlyn must grapple with her newfound power - one which could have shattering consequences. But a storm is gathering on the horizon . . .

A foreign emperor is raising an army, equipped with a terrifying assortment of new weaponry. He will stop at nothing to crush the kingdom and claim its prized dragons. And worst of all - he wants Bershad.

Sorcery of a Queen by Brian Naslund is the second book in the Dragons of Terra trilogy.

'Part Game of Thrones, part super hero epic, Blood of an Exile is a cinematic fantasy whirlwind' - Sebastien de Castell

'Exciting, epic and wonderfully told, full of subtle humour and laugh laugh-out-loud lines' - Angus Watson on Blood of an Exile

I had a great time with Blood of an Exile – it’s a fast, fun fantasy full of dragons and traitors, humor and bloody action. Fans of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law or Michael Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations will love Brian Naslund’s debut

Django Wexler on Blood of an Exile

Part Game of Thrones, part super hero epic, Blood of an Exile is a cinematic fantasy whirlwind

Sebastien de Castell on Blood of an Exile

A page-turning, action-packed tale full of memorable characters, set within a world full of dragons . . . It doesn't get much cooler than this

John Gwynne on Blood of an Exile