How Do You Make a Rainbow?

Caroline Crowe

Illustrated by Cally Johnson-Isaacs
Ages 3-5
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18 February 2021

How do you make a rainbow? This joyful story, written by Caroline Crowe and illustrated by Cally Johnson-Isaacs, shows how to find colour and hope when days seem dim and grey: celebrating love, positivity and the precious relationship between a child and her grandad.

Stuck inside on a cloudy day, a little girl asks her grandad to help her paint a rainbow on the sky. But as Grandad tells her, rainbows aren't painted on the sky, they grow out of kindness, hope, and helping other people.

How Do You Make a Rainbow? is a reassuring, heart-warming story of colours, kindness, community and nature, that shows that brighter times are always around the corner.

A lovely paint palette of a book, filled with positivity and finding the delight in every day.

Rebecca Cobb, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winning author