The Magician's Daughter

Caryl Lewis

Illustrated by George Ermos

Ages 9 to 11
15 June 2023
328 pages


Discover the power of true magic in this funny, exciting, big-hearted story by Caryl Lewis, the award-winning author of Seed and The Magician's Daughter. Perfect for boys and girls of 8 to 12.

After one hilarious, disastrous magic show too many, Abby’s dad decides it’s time to give up showbiz. Until the day Abby finds a mysterious, dusty old book of spells among her mum's things. Mum had always been the dazzling magician, after all. As Abby practises, each new spell brings wonder and joy, not only to Abby and her dad, but also to the whole community.

Nothing lasts forever, though, and after each public performance another spell vanishes from the book. So before the magic disappears forever, Abby and Dad plan one final, spectacular, impossible show . . .

Praise for Caryl Lewis's debut SEED:

'Some books are about magic. Some books ARE magic' - Frank Cottrell-Boyce

'A near-perfect blend of witty humour, rollicking adventure [and] compelling characters.' – Daily Mail

An engaging story about the power of community and giving everyone a chance to shine.
This heartwarming, witty and touching story is all about hope and belief, underpinned by the power of love to heal grief. An absolute delight.
The Magician’s Daughter tackles important topics like bereavement, the shared comfort from being part of a community and the power of love to heal grief whilst delivering a heartwarming adventure full of colourful characters, stage dramas... and magic. The perfect book hug!