Out on 04 March 2025
Book cover for The Ragpicker King

The Ragpicker King



04 March 2025
480 pages
Imprint: Tor


Sword Catcher gave me everything I look for in medieval fantasy: mystery and magic (not too much, not too little), expert worldbuilding, swordplay and politics, a colourful cast of interesting characters and a story that kept me reading from the first page to the last, with enough twists and turns to keep me turning the pages. It's a big thick book, but it left me wanting more. When's the next one coming out?
A gorgeously built world of decadence, betrayal and grand adventure. From the decadent and drunken parties of the nobles, to the dens of crime lords in the Warren and Maze, to the Sault, where the devotees of a lost goddess are penned, the city of Castellane makes the perfect backdrop for a delightful cast of characters to befriend, betray and romance one another. This is Cassandra Clare at her cleverest, twistiest and most heart-stopping – a triumph of a book
Clare plunges us into a thrilling world built with precision and brimming with enchantment. Her spellbinding cast of outlaws, healers, royals and rogues will have you questioning your allegiances with every delicious turn of the plot. This is fantasy at its finest
Cassandra Clare is a legend in fantasy . . . be warned you will be obsessed . . . a propulsive, layered, phenomenally imagined start to what promises to be an epic journey