Mindfulness on the Run

Chantal Hofstee

06 April 2017
100 pages


We live in fast-paced, stressful times. Science has proven that chronic stress is harmful for both our mind and body and reduces our chances of living happy, fulfilling lives.
Mindfulness can release us from the stress trap and help us towards living a life we love. But how do you implement it in your life if you’re so busy that you simply don’t have time for anything else? Here’s where Mindfulness on the Run can help.
Dr Chantal Hofstee, a busy psychologist, wife and mother, has developed a quick, effective programme that enables you to slot mindfulness into your life without the need for formal meditation practice.
This book guarantees:
- a calmer mind
- less stress
- more focus
- greater productivity
- increased efficiency
- enhanced creativity and, most importantly,
- a happier, more enjoyable life.
Packed with practical exercises that can be done in minutes, this is mindfulness that can be done anywhere, anytime - even when you don’t have time!