Relationship Breakthrough

Cloe Madanes

05 February 2010
256 pages


Most people, at some point, feel stuck in the patterns of their relationships. Relationship Breakthrough encourages you to take a long, hard look at yourself, your relationships and the behavioural patterns you have fallen into, and offers tangible strategies that you can try to address lurking and lingering problems.

The insightful exercises are designed to shock couples out of their negative patterns and create new strategies for happiness and fulfillment. Drawn on her decades or clinical practice and research, Cloe Madanes shares the nine beliefs and behaviour patterns that commonly stunt relationships and reveals the six human needs that can make or break any bond.

In this accessible book you will learn how to recapture, rekindle or deepen love in any intimate relationship. You'll also find ways to resolve long-standing, persistent conflicts between family members simply by making a change within yourself. The book has a foreword by self-help guru Anthony Robbins who works closely with the author.