Out on 14 March 2024

Undercover Copper

Danni Brooke

14 March 2024
304 pages


Fast-paced and eye-opening, Undercover Copper is an exciting account of life as a covert investigator by Danni Brooke.

‘My life was full of danger every day and I couldn’t tell my friends or family what I did for a living. My mum didn’t even know! There were definitely times I was in too deep but somehow I always got away with it.’

For over a decade, Danni Brooke was one of the most effective female undercover cops in the UK, one of a very small number of women in the Met’s elite unit. She was so successful at taking down criminals she was seconded to forces around the country.

Whether she was infiltrating organized crime gangs or disrupting drug supply lines, Danni played the innocent Essex girl, fooling even the most suspicious villains, using her quick wits to keep her out of trouble. She loved the job, but the pressures of her work, and trying to balance the long hours with being a mother, were to take a toll on her personal life.

In her honest, warm and gripping memoir, Danni also reveals why she left the police, how she found a new career (and love) on Channel 4’s Hunted – and why the thrill of covert work has seen her turn her talents to tracking down cyber criminals.

Previously published as The Girl for the Job

What readers are saying about Danni Brooke's unputdownable life story:

'I love these type of books and this was no exception! Absolutely brilliant read. I just love real life stories of police and being written by a female this was great!' – Natalie

'A really insightful and frank listen. I've enjoyed a lot of UK undercover/ MI5 audiobooks – and this one is right up there' – Mr Owen

'Amazing story . . . There are only a few good books out there on the subject of undercover policing and this is one of them' – Matt

'Loved every minute of this book. Fascinating and gripping stories from her time as an undercover cop in a male dominated environment' – Lynn

'I really enjoyed this book and could not put it down. What I found quite shocking was the type of work Danni did at such a young age, she had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and was in some dangerous situations . . . There are some laugh out loud bits, shocking bits, sad parts and things to think . . . What a thrilling, full life Danni has led and still so young' – Dan

Fast-paced, exciting and laced with dark humour