Dreams of Another Day

Daphne Wright

22 November 2012
386 pages


It is ten years after the end of the Second World War, and Mary Alderbrook – known to family and friends as Ming – feels life is passing her by. Though her sisters are all happily married and settled, Ming shies away from commitment and the attentions of Mark Sudley make her feel uneasy. Is it friendship she wants from him – or something deeper?

When her friend Connie Wroughton offers Ming the chance to write for her new magazine, she gladly accepts, discovering a true flair for writing. But before she knows it, trouble is stalking her again – anonymous, threatening letters arrive – and Ming knows she must finally face up to tests that will change her life.

This is the third in the compelling The Threaded Dances series following the Alderbrook sisters through love and marriage, tragedy and hope. Continue reading the sisters' story in The Tightrope Walkers.