The Death of Her

Debbie Howells

29 November 2018
352 pages


The Death of Her is a haunting psychological thriller from Debbie Howells, author of the bestselling Richard and Judy Book Club success The Bones of You.

A woman’s body is discovered on a Cornish farm, battered and left for dead in a maize field. Airlifted to hospital, her life hanging in the balance, no one’s sure who she is. Three days later she comes round, but her memory is damaged. She knows her name – Evie – but no more, until she remembers another name. Angel – her three-year-old daughter.

As the police circulate Evie’s photo, someone recognizes her. Charlotte knew her years ago, at school, when another child went missing. Leah Danning, who vanished whilst in Evie’s care.

When the police search Evie’s home, there’s no sign of Angel. More disturbingly, there’s no evidence that she ever lived there, forcing the police to question whether Evie’s having some kind of breakdown.

But even from the darkest place she’s ever known, Evie believes her daughter is alive. The police remain unconvinced – unaware that on the fringes of Evie’s life, there’s someone else. Someone hidden, watching her every move, with their own agenda and their own twisted version of reality.


'A dazzling debut . . . Haunting, compelling' Daily Mail

Immediately plunges you into an atmospheric world, that picks out the darkness that lies so near the sunlight of the Cornish coast. These voices tease, grip and never let you go until the brilliant and beguiling finish. A beautifully crafted tale of the things we hide. Howells is a story teller at the top of her game
Debbie Howell has produced a book of great humanity as a battered victim appeals for help to find her daughter who may or may not exist. Can she really trust the people who come to her aid? It is a story as rugged as its Cornwall landscape with hairpin bends in the story in the most unexpected places. Sharply written with characters that keep you guessing until the very last page, this story holds you tight and then drops you like a stone
Creepy, compelling, beautifully written and so twisty, I never saw that ending coming! I loved that there was not one, but two unreliable narrators and I was desperate to know whether the missing child existed or not. Brilliant!