Out on 06 June 2024

The Burial Plot

Elizabeth Macneal

06 June 2024
600 pages


She wants him. He'll take everything.

'I genuinely could not put this down'
Stacey Halls
'A tour de force of a gothic thriller. I devoured it' Gillian McAllister
'Taut, propulsive, beautifully done' Susan Stokes-Chapman

From Elizabeth Macneal, the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Doll Factory, The Burial Plot is a spellbinding Gothic thriller about murder and manipulation.

London, 1839. With the cemeteries full and money to be made in death, tricksters Crawford and Bonnie survive on wicked schemes and ill-gotten coin. But one blistering evening, their fortunes flip. A man lies in a pool of blood at Bonnie’s feet and now she needs to disappear.

Crawford secures her a position as lady’s maid in a grand house on the Thames. As Bonnie comes to understand the family – the eccentric Mr Moncrieff, obsessively drawing mausoleums for his dead wife, and their peculiar daughter Cissie, scribbling imaginary love letters to herself – she begins to question what secrets are lying behind the house’s paper-thin walls and whether her own presence here was planned from the beginning.

Because Crawford is watching, and perhaps he is plotting his greatest trick yet . . .

Propulsive, rich and properly gripping. Macneal is a masterful storyteller - I genuinely could not put this down.
The always-brilliant Macneal levels up once again in this tour de force of a gothic thriller. I devoured it.
A book to sink into and relish. Dark, clever, with a twist worthy of your attention. Macneal gets better and better.