Mind over Money

Evan Lucas

19 December 2023
192 pages


One of the best written, most engaging and, at heart, most sophisticated books on personal finance that I’ve read (and I’ve read a few)' Alan Kohler

'Financial wellbeing and freedom starts with becoming financially self-aware. Evan’s investment insights and questioning help us discover the best financial version of ourselves' Effie Zaho

'What drives our behaviour and attitude to money? All too often we ignore logic and make decisions around money that we know aren’t entirely rational. That’s because money isn’t just about finances – it’s deeply tied up with our emotions, our learned behaviours and our biases. We are all different in the way we use money: some of us are savers, some spenders, some risk-takers or investors. Mind over Money will help you understand your money personality and how your thinking drives your money behaviour. It will teach you how to make better money decisions by acknowledging your own learned behaviours and working with your strengths to meet your financial goals. Mind over Money is a life-changing book that will help you clarify what you want from life and your money so you can master your finances, improve your financial freedom and live the lifestyle you desire.