Coming to England

Floella Benjamin

Illustrated by Diane Ewen
Ages 3-5
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30 September 2021
9 pages
Baroness Benjamin charts her own journey to England as part of the Windrush generation in this gorgeously illustrated book about how courage and determination can triumph over adversity


The book is a mix of colourful illustrations and a deeply personal account of a 10-year-old Floella adjusting to her new home in a not-so-friendly Britain. It’s a charming book that deftly moves through a myriad of emotions, tackling important topics but crafted so even the youngest readers can understand and enjoy the tale.

Amy Sedghi, Evening Standard

Coming to England leaps off the page full of hope and personality, much like Benjamin herself. The scenes of home life are particularly moving and capture the atmosphere of family warmth, connection and just a little bit of chaos.

Imogen Carter, The Observer