Out on 13 July 2023

Keep Smiling

Floella Benjamin

Illustrated by Diane Ewen

Baby and toddler
13 July 2023
32 pages


Keep Smiling is a celebration of the most universal symbol of hope, joy and positivity - a smile! Created by the bestselling team behind Coming to England: the inspirational Dame Floella Benjamin, and award-winning illustrator Diane Ewen.

Vina's Mum has always told her that a smile is the best gift you can give someone. And as Vina loves smiling more than anything else, she gives the gift of her smile to anyone who needs it. But on her first visit to her new school, Vina's own smile gets a bit . . . lost. She can't find it under the slide, or on the climbing frame. Then, a smile appears, in the most unexpected place!