Rebel Talent

Francesca Gino

2018 Nominee

Big Book Awards: Smart Thinking Award

07 February 2019
304 pages


Great stories, great science, and great practical advice about how, when, and why to break the rules' – Angela Duckworth, international bestselling author of Grit.

Seeking personal growth and professional triumph beyond conventional pathways? Francesca Gino, award-winning Harvard Business School professor, presents Rebel Talent, an exhilarating exploration of the rebel in us, ready to disrupt the status quo for groundbreaking innovation and success.

Do you want to follow a script — or write your own story?

Rebels are also those among us who change the world for the better with their unconventional outlooks. Instead of clinging to what is safe and familiar, and falling back on routines and tradition, rebels defy the status quo. They are masters of innovation and reinvention, and they have a lot to teach us.

Francesca Gino, a behavioral scientist and professor at Harvard Business School, has spent more than a decade studying rebels at organizations around the world, from high-end boutiques in Italy’s fashion capital, to the World’s Best Restaurant, to a thriving fast food chain, to an award-winning computer animation studio. In her work, she has identified leaders and employees who exemplify 'rebel talent,' and whose examples we can all learn to embrace.

Imbued with a spirit of nonconformity, Rebel Talent helps you effectively navigate an ever-changing, competitive world of work and develop dynamic business skills. It makes a case for the embrace of rebellion, both for success in the digital age and for a more personally fulfilling life.

Whether you are looking to inspire, lay the groundwork for a successful business, or foster positive relationships, Rebel Talent challenges you to redefine success – by breaking all the rules.

Great stories, great science, and great practical advice about how, when, and why to break the rules.
In this groundbreaking book, Francesca Gino shows us how to spark creativity, excel at work, and become happier: By learning to rebel
Francesca Gino is one of the world’s most productive and creative social scientists. And with this book, she shows that she’s also one of the most persuasive. She makes a powerful and convincing case that letting loose our inner troublemaker can open up new vistas of creativity and problem-solving power