Out on 20 July 2023

The Wonder Brothers

Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Illustrated by Steven Lenton

Ages 9-12
20 July 2023
272 pages


'A writer of comic genius - he has something of Roald Dahl's magic, but more heart' - Sunday Telegraph

‘Maybe you don’t believe me. Maybe you don’t believe in magic. I bet you will by the time you’ve heard what happened to us.’

Cousins Middy and Nathan love magic. The on-stage, cape-swirling, bunny-out-of-a-hat kind.

For Middy, it’s all about patience and practice. She uses magic skills to help her out of tricky situations.

Nathan is a show-off and a total danger magnet, he is drawn to the sensation, spectacle and audience.

So when the famous Blackpool Tower dramatically vanishes the night of the Grand Lights Switch-On, showman Nathan announces live on TV that they will magic it back home.

With a stick of rock, a spangly cape, and a bit of misdirection, they end up lost in Las Vegas, home to the grand master of illusion, Perplexion, ‘Legend of Magic’.

Full of tricks, twists and deceptions, the delightful Nathan and Middy will keep you guessing until the very end. No matter how big the show, family, friendship and adventure shine through in The Wonder Brothers - multi-award-winning author Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

Praise for Noah's Gold:

'Sparkly, witty, enticing storytelling . . . It's perfect' Hilary McKay

A laugh-out-loud writer
Frank Cottrell-Boyce's stories make you laugh and cry. He's the real deal for children of eight and over