Because It Is My Blood

Gabrielle Zevin

Age 12 +
29 August 2013
352 pages


From the bestselling author of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow comes the second book in the Birthright trilogy. Gabrielle Zevin's futuristic thriller, Because It Is My Blood, continues the story of Anya; the reluctant heir of a Mafia boss and star-crossed lover.

Freed from jail, Anya hopes that things will get back to normal. But life on the outside is even more dangerous than life behind bars. Some of her gangland family want revenge for the shooting of her uncle.

Forced to flee the country, Anya hides out in a cacao plantation in Mexico. There she learns the secrets of the illegal and deadly chocolate trade. There too she discovers that seemingly random acts of violence carried out across the world have a single target: her family. As innocent bystanders get caught in the crossfire Anya must act fast and decisively to stop it, no matter what the danger to herself . . .

The romantic dystopian Birthright series starts with All These Things I've Done and continues with In the Age of Love and Chocolate.

'I loved this Godfather-inspired thriller set in a futuristic New York. Don't think this is just another dystopian tome; this is a brilliantly crafted novel that will utterly engage you' Fiona Noble, Bookseller
'The love story’s to die for, and the tangled web of relationships will keep readers intrigued to the last page' Kirkus Reviews
'Offering the excitement of a crime drama and the allure of forbidden romance' Publishers Weekly