Midnight in the Garden of Evel Knievel

Giles Smith

05 January 2012
300 pages


In an age when sporting stars can win championships whilst hosting chat shows, the relationship between sport and television has never been stronger. Broadcasters’ schedules determine when fixtures are played and if a sport isn’t deemed ‘TV friendly’ then who cares about it? Giles Smith has spent five years in front of the television scouring over seventy channels for any sport he can lay his eyes on.

Manchester United scooping the Treble; Schumacher barging Hill off the track; Tyson chewing Holyfield; Argentina beating England on penalties; Germany beating England on penalties; everybody else beating England on penalties . . . Name any one of the defining sporting moments of the last decade, Giles Smith wasn't there. He was at home, watching on the television. Like most people. And then he wrote about it.

‘If there’s a better book to keep in your loo we’ve yet to find it. Excellent’ Maxim
‘Smith comes from the Clive James school of TV criticism – and that’s meant to be high praise’ Time Out
‘Brilliant title. Brilliant book.’ GQ