Act Of God

Graham Phillips

11 September 2014
368 pages


This extraordinary book reveals a historical mystery which overturns Ancient Egyptian chronology and uncovers what may be the real explanation of the Atlantis myth.

The excavation of a mysterious Egyptian tomb in the early twentieth century holds the key to one of the greatest disasters to strike humankind. Strangely sealed, this was a tomb constructed to keep someone - or something - out. Acclaimed writer-detective Graham Phillips uncovers the evidence that links a chain of extraordinary events. The findings in this cursed Pharoah's tomb, new evidence from the polar icecaps which overturns ancient chronology, together with the eruption of a volcano more powerful than the Nagasaki bomb, proves that the biblical parting of the Red Sea and plagues of Egypt could be accurate accounts of real events. As a result there could be a real, and totally believable, explanation for the perennial myth of Atlantis.