Book cover for Space Oddities

Space Oddities



28 March 2024
320 pages
Imprint: Picador


A cracking tale of particle physics and cosmology . . . Space Oddities is a rare joyenlightening, thrilling and inspiring.
Space Oddities is as fascinating as its title suggests. Anomalies are always interesting, sometimes fascinating, and occasionally revelatory, and Harry Cliff recounts with vivid clarity the stories of some of the most striking oddnesses that have lit up the landscape of modern physics. I enjoyed it enormously.
Cliff's engaging and personable writings style, along with his infectious enthusiasm, follows in the best traditions of Feynman and Sagan.
Superb . . . Cliff’s lucid explanations do a remarkable job of making the complicated physics accessible and even exciting . . . A first-rate dispatch from the cutting edge of physics