The Little War Cat

Hiba Noor Khan

Illustrated by Laura Chamberlain

Ages 3 to 5
17 September 2020
32 pages


Inspired by a true story, The Little War Cat is a moving tale of hope amidst conflict, written by debut author Hiba Noor Khan and beautifully illustrated by the astonishing Laura Chamberlain.

The Little War Cat follows the story of a little grey cat who is caught up in the BANGS and CRASHES of the humans in boots, who have changed the city of Aleppo she knew so well into one that's harder to recognize. She is roaming the streets looking for food and shelter when an unlikely friend appears. He shows her that kindness is still there when you look for it, and soon the little grey cat knows exactly what to do to made a difference herself.

The illustrations make beautiful use of light and dark to convey the difference between safe times and times of war. As a life-long companion to cats I can also confirm that they beautifully capture the movements and personalities of felines. This is a great read for empathy. It introduces the concept of war in a very accessible way. It is also a story of hope and love – that for every person affected by war, there will be a safe shelter.
A beautiful story of kindness and hope in the midst of conflict The Little War Cat encourages empathy and understanding and celebrates how each small act of care can make a big difference. A picture book full of compassion.
A beautiful book about hope and friendship which has a powerful message at its heart. Stunningly illustrated by Laura Chamberlain, this lovely picture book is inspired by the true story of the Cat Man of Aleppo.