James Corbett

30 January 2014
440 pages


In this highly acclaimed history of one of the most distinguished British teams, James Corbett traces the fortunes of Everton Football Club – from the first league match (a win against Accrington) to the emergence of Wayne Rooney.

Bringing to life fans’ memories and dramatising the times they weren’t around to experience, this is a comprehensive history of the club, one studded with triumph and, as any fan can testify, disaster. From the glorious championship team of 1938-9, to the relegation of the early fifties and the dramatic FA Cup victory of 1966, from Dixie Dean to Gary Lineker, James Corbett's fascinating history goes behind the scenes and uncovers the stories of the individuals who made the club.

Written with the enthusiasm and stoicism of a committed Toffeeman, the wit of a fanzine and the authority of a historian, this is the ultimate guide to the team's story.

‘Charts the club's highs and lows and goes behind the scenes to uncover all

the stories from the bootroom to the boardroom’

News of the World