James Hopkin

James Hopkin has lived in Berlin, Manchester, Krakow, Zagreb, Leipzig and several other cities, countrysides, and by-the-sea places across Europe. His short story 'Even the Crows Say Kraków' won the inaugural Norwich Prize for Literature and is available in a small ebook collection of the same name. His critically-acclaimed debut novel, Winter Under Water, was published in 2007. His short stories have been widely published, anthologised and are frequently broadcast on BBC Radio, (including trilogies set in Dalmatia and Georgia) the latest in January 2016. Hopkin has won numerous awards for his fiction and has written non-fiction for the Guardian since 1999, including travel pieces, interviews and book reviews. He is a tireless promoter of European literature; he speaks German and Polish, has been a guest professor at the University of Leipzig, and has held writer-in-residence posts in Croatia, Georgia, and Denmark and, in Jan And February, 2017, in Prague, Unesco City of Literature.

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