Book cover for Mozart's Women

Mozart's Women



07 April 2006
416 pages
Imprint: Pan


'unusual and original…readable, informative and moving…Glover uses her own experience as a conductor of Mozart's operas to give lucid and pertinent insights into the music…Glover's final chapter 'After Mozart' is the most rewarding and poignant in the book…Constanze emerges as a devoted wife, mother and lifelong promoter of Mozart. Glover neatly and satisfyingly ties up the loose ends in the story of the genius whose most astonishing musical miracles were achieved in his all-too-brief adulthood. Her passion for the music shines through this touching, vividly told story' Hugh Canning, Sunday Times

'Jane Glover has pulled off a coup des livres with her fresh take on Mozart's life and work. Glover's approach to her subject, through the women who played such a major role in Mozart's life, seems so obvious that it is a wonder nobody thought of it before…a compelling read that wears its scholarship lightly…Many conductors are good at talking about music, yet Glover belongs to that select band of conductor-scholars who have practical experience of the music they are writing about. As such, she offers insights into Mozart's work that ought to be required reading for practitioners and will equally enlighten the most casual listener' John Allison, Sunday Telegraph