Book cover for The Most Precious of Cargoes

The Most Precious of Cargoes



21 January 2021
105 minutes
Imprint: Picador


A magnificent small book to read urgently.
A fable about the Holocaust inspired by what [Grumberg’s] grandfather Naphtali experienced. He appeared in convoy number 45, which left Drancy on November 11, 1942 with 178 women, men and children on board. In convoy number 49, in March 1943, was his father. This tragedy . . . succeeds in mixing the light and the unbearable.
In a few years, the witnesses of the Shoah, those who knew the camps and returned, will no longer be there to tell what happened . . . To put into words what "negates all literature", the writer and playwright Jean-Claude Grumberg has chosen the form of a tale.
A tale is the best way to talk about what is hard to believe and imagine.