Out on 11 July 2024
Book cover for Storm Pegs

Storm Pegs



11 July 2024
368 pages
Imprint: Picador


Storm Pegs perfectly captures the knotting of language and landscape. I was transported.
Storm Pegs is rich, attentive and beautifully written. Hadfield writes vividly about the tides, the Shaetlan language, and shows a great appreciation for the people and modern life of Shetland. This book has been my friend. I really loved it and I recommend it
Delightful: at once intricate and effortless, playful and deeply-felt. A heartfelt paean to a coldwater Eden.
What a wonderful book. Jen Hadfield just has to turn her languaged gaze to the world and it fizzes to life on the page. One of the most intensely realised accounts of a place - and time in a place - I have read.