The Memory of Souls

Jenn Lyons

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15 April 2021
800 pages

'Everything epic fantasy should be: rich, cruel, gorgeous, brilliant, enthralling . . . I loved it'
Lev Grossman on The Ruin of Kings (book one)

The longer he lives, the more dangerous he becomes . . .

The city of Atrine lies in ruins. And now Relos Var has revealed his plan to free the monstrous god, Vol Karoth, the end of the world is closer than ever.

To buy time for humanity, Kihrin and his friends need to convince a king to perform an ancient ritual. The power released would imprison the god for an age to come. But this may come at too high a price for the King of the Vane, as the ritual would strip his people of their immortality. As a result, some will do anything to prevent this ritual – including assassinating those championing this solution.

Worse, Kihrin must come to terms with a horrifying possibility. It seems his connection to Vol Karoth is growing in strength . . . but what does it mean? And how can Kihrin hope to save his world, when he might be the greatest threat of all?

'Delightful and entertaining . . . it’s a fast, pacey read' - Locus Magazine

‘Lyons raises stakes to a fever pitch' - Publishers Weekly

The Memory of Souls is the third book in the epic fantasy A Chorus of Dragons series: following The Ruin of Kings and The Name of All Things.

Lyons braids multiple points of view, tenses, and time lines into a richly detailed and elaborate story with increasing tension and stakes

Library Journal starred review

What an extraordinary book. The Ruin of Kings is everything epic fantasy should be: rich, cruel, gorgeous, brilliant, enthralling and deeply deeply satisfying. I loved it

Lev Grossman on The Ruin of Kings

A fantastic page-turner with a heady blend of great characters, fast-moving action and a fabulously inventive magic system . . . I loved it

John Gwynne on The Ruin of Kings