Book cover for The Human Division

The Human Division



28 January 2016
512 pages
Imprint: Tor


I loved The Human Division . . . It all ends with a grand slam that puts The Human Division on the shortlist of SF's potential future classics, and leaves readers with the thrilling prospect that if this is really the end for good old Homo sapiens, we have only just begun to fight

An invigorating and morally complex interstellar thriller with heart . . . Deeply realized characters and stinging webs of political and social deceit lend mystery and emotionally harsh realism to a thrilling setting of deep space and distant worlds

Featuring the author's trademark humor, clever dialog, and a hefty dose of action, this is a wonderful addition to Scalzi's Old Man's War universe

The Human Division flat out rocked. It's a smart space opera novel that weaves together politics, characters and action . . . this is a fine read, and an excellent addition to the series