Out on 30 May 2019

salt slow

Julia Armfield

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30 May 2019
208 pages

This collection of stories is about women and their experiences in society, about bodies and the bodily, mapping the skin and bones of its characters through their experiences of isolation, obsession and love. Throughout the collection, women become insects, men turn to stone, a city becomes insomniac and bodies are picked apart to make up better ones. The mundane worlds of schools and sea side towns are invaded and transformed, creating a landscape which is constantly shifting to hold on to the bodies of its inhabitants. Blending the mythic and the gothic, the collection considers characters in motion – turning away, turning back or simply turning into something new.

From the winner of The White Review Short Story Prize 2018, salt slow is an extraordinary collection of short stories that are sure to dazzle and shock.

In 'The Great Awake' Julia Armfiled has created a portrait of urban ennui that unfolds through an impressively sustained conceit. It’s a bold feat of the imagination which, despite being so elaborate, never feels contrived. Her work has a timelessness to it, and a generosity of emotion that’s brave and affecting. There’s an intensity of voice driving these stories, as well as a strong visceral quality that adds to the effect.

Chloe Aridjis, author of Book of Clouds and judge of The White Review Short Story Prize 2018

Unafraid to venture beyond realism’s limits, Julia Armfield refashions our contemporary existence as an eerie, care-worn dreamworld, taking our quotidian anxieties and desires and handing them back to us empathetically remade. 'The Great Awake' is an oneiric delight, and Armfield is a significant, exciting talent.

Sam Byers, author of Perfidious Albion and judge of The White Review Short Story Prize 2018

Reading this collection is the only thing you need to do right now. Reading this collection is the only thing you ever need to do. Armfield is an enormous, gut-wrenching talent.

Daisy Johnson, author of Everything Under