Royal Animals

Julia Golding

Illustrated by Emily Sutton

Ages 6 to 9
18 April 2024
48 pages


A beautifully illustrated history of royal animals in Britain from 1066 to the present day, with a foreword by Sir Michael Morpurgo.

Why do the three lions on the British crest look so much like leopards? When did the first elephant set foot on British soil? Was there really a polar bear who fished in the river Thames?

The perfect sumptuous gift for animal lovers, this book has elegant foil detailing, gold corgi endpapers and stunning hand-painted illustrations on every page from renowned artist Emily Sutton, the illustrator of Everyone Sang and the Castle Mice series.

Royal Animals is full of astounding facts and amazing true animal stories. Delve in to discover royal giraffes, elephants, spaniels, parrots, ravens, pelicans and, of course, Queen Elizabeth II's corgis.

This fascinating exploration of 1000 years of royal animals is written by Nestlé Smarties Book Prize-winner Julia Golding, the author of The Queen's Wardrobe.

Julia Golding's history of the various animals owned by royals, beautifully illustrated by Emily Sutton, makes for a charming read