I Saw You

Julie Parsons

28 June 2012
304 pages


For ten years, newly retired Policeman Michael McLoughlin has been haunted by the case of a young woman brutally murdered and the affection he felt for the victim’s mother, Margaret. A favor for a friend leads him to another woman who has lost a child – her daughter has been found drowned in the same lake her stepfather died in years earlier. An accident, suicide…or murder?

Margaret thought she could escape her past but the memories of her daughter – and of her killer - give her no peace and she finally returns to Dublin to face her demons. A chance encounter with a young girl in a graveyard leads her to back to a man she never thought she’d see again and a mother with a grief to match her own.

A chilling and dark novel of love, revenge and atonement from the author of Mary, Mary, The Courtship Gift, and The Hourglass.