Book cover for One Fox

One Fox

Ages 3 to 6



23 January 2020
36 pages
Imprint: Two Hoots


Lovely, potent, brightly colored illustrations . . . Little ones will eagerly count in subsequent readings as they also learn new descriptive vocabulary and cheer for the brave hens. A classic scenario flips the script in this engrossing adventure.
A “counting book thriller” definitely sounds like a new genre. The gripping drama, by debut author and illustrator Kate Read, is set in a moonlit farmyard, with close-up illustrations of a fox on the prowl. It will have you and your children sitting on the edge of the bed. Will the fox get the hens? There is something different to count on every page, to help learn numbers from one to 10
I especially love the reassurance at the end - “no hens or foxes were harmed in the making of this book!