Katharine Towers

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25 November 2021
80 pages
Inventive, capacious and full of the surprises witnessed only by the truly observant, Oak is an arboreous atlas for our age

Sasha Dugdale, author of Deformations

In Oak, the poet's life is equal to the tree's, and the two meet in delicate reflection on the page. Like the acorn it begins with, this poem is a plucky epic

Rachel Genn, author of What You Could Have Won

Oak is the most beautiful thing. A long poem at once fragmentary and whole, with all the sophistication of folklore and all the play of true poetry. Katherine Towers is one of the most original and gifted poets now writing. Her brilliant book is something no other could do, “an outburst of words” so old and English and fresh.

Conor O'Callaghan, author of Nothing on Earth