Love Charms and Other Catastrophes

Kimberly Karalius

Age 12 +
12 May 2016
320 pages


This sequel to Love Fortunes and Other Disasters takes us back to Grimbaud, the town of Love, which is still reeling from the loss of Zita, and the certainty of her love fortunes and love charms. As a key part of the rebellion that overthrew Zita, Hijiri knows that Grimbaud will be better off without Zita's abuse of Love's powers, but other charm makers are rushing in to fill the gap Zita's defeat left behind. When Hijiri learns that the town plans to hold a contest to crown the best love charm maker, she knows that she (and the rest of the rebellion) must win the contest to keep someone else from taking over the town.

And, as if that wasn't enough to keep her busy, Love has another surprise for her.... a gift-wrapped boyfriend, specially crafted just for her.