There Is a Tribe of Kids

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Two Hoots

Publication date: 23.03.2017
ISBN: 9781509814008
Number of pages: 40


Did you ever want to waddle with a colony of penguins? Wriggle with an army of caterpillars? Or march with a troop of monkeys?

Legendary illustrator Lane Smith takes us on a colourful adventure through the natural world, following a child as he weaves through the jungle, dives under the ocean and soars into the sky. Along the way he makes friends and causes mischief with a dazzling array of creatures both large and small - but can he find his own kind? Full of warmth and humour, There Is a Tribe of Kids is a sumptuously detailed portrayal of wild childhood to be pored over for hours on end.

A witty and playful exploration of curiosity, discovery and what it means to belong, ideal for sharing with children of all ages. Sprinkled with beautiful gold flecks and specially designed peek-through flaps at the front and back.

In the media

A beautifully illustrated and poetic journey through the natural world, to discover groups of animals in oceans, rain forests and jungles. Mesmeric.
Huffington Post
Exudes a Chaplinesque charm, skillfully blending slapstick and melancholy
The New York Times

This engaging and attractive exploration of collective nouns weaves a lovely story about a boy who
wants to belong. It follows his journey through a truly beautiful series of illustrations, reminiscent of
Where the Wild Things Are.