All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers

Larry McMurtry

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08 October 2015
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Danny Deck is on the verge of success as an author, when he flees Houston and hurtles unexpectedly into the hearts of three women: a girlfriend who makes him happy but who won't stay; a neighbour as generous as she is lusty; and his pal, Emma Horton. Ranging from Texas to California on a young writer's journey in a car he calls El Chevy, Danny embarks on a wild ride towards literary fame and an unchartered border country.

All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers is one of Pulitzer Prize-winner Larry McMurtry's most vital and entertaining novels, a wonderful display of his ability to recreate the subtle textures of feelings, the claims of passing time and familiar places, and the rich interlocking swirl of people's lives.

Brilliant . . . funny and dangerously tender


Mr McMurtry's characters are real, believable and touching . . . and he is a very funny writer

New York Times Review

Larry McMurtry is one of American literature's native treasures

Boston Herald