Laura López Coto

15 October 2020
100 pages


Would you like to feel more alive? Try following Seitai, the Japanese secret to connect with your vital intelligence and improve your life and health.

The practices of Seitai, Katsugen Undo and Yuki give you back your flexibility, renewing and revitalising the movements, between tension and relaxation, in our mind and body. Amongst other benefits, these Seitai practices can naturally relieve stress, anxiety and other issues related to the nervous system. They can also regulate our heartbeat, alleviate skin, urine, digestive and circulatory problems. Seitai also helps activate the sexual hormones responsible for youth and cell regeneration, and also helps diminish muscle pain and rheumatism.

In this clear, concise and easy-to-read book written by the journalist and Seitai specialist, Laura López Coto, you will find the keys to this culture, which originated in Japan thanks to the highly innovative discoveries of the exceptionally gifted and perceptive master Haruchika Noguchi (Tokyo, 1911-1976). You will find that you can actually feel healthy in a far deeper way than you could possibly have imagined. Living this kind of life is easy, if you know how to.

‘If you do not act with all your vigour, if you lack the awareness to give life to life through death, a state of health cannot be reached. It is possible to believe that the human being is alive thanks to its own will, but this is not so. A human being just lives; that is all. The spontaneous desire to live does not arise from the individual, but from a desire of Nature itself’ —Haruchika Noguchi (1911-1976), Founder of Seitai Culture

‘I am convinced that Seitai, Master Noguchi’s Legacy, is the most innovative and significant spiritual culture that Humanity has received this century’ —Narciso Yepes (1927-1997), Guitar player and Seitai practicer

‘Oh! What a surprise! All Japanese children speak Japanese. No need to worry! Planting the seeds of ability, with patience and repetition, the seed flourishes’ —Sinichi Suzuki (1898-1998), Creator of the Suzuki Method for understanding and learning music, philosopher and Seitai practicer

‘I know where I am now. But if I hadn’t come to know Seitai 10 years ago, I don’t now where I’d be. Maybe I wouldn’t be here’ —Ricardo Sanz (1968), Journalist, Seitai practicer