Released on 17 May 2018.

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Acts of Infidelity

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Praise for Wilful Disregard
'Gripped me like an airport read . . . perfect' Lena Dunham
'A stunner, pure and simple' Alice Sebold, author of The Lovely Bones

When Ester Nillson meets the actor Olof Sten, she falls madly in love.

Olof makes no secret of being married, but he and Ester nevertheless start to meet regularly and begin to conduct a strange dance of courtship. Olof insists that he doesn't plan to leave his wife, but he doesn't seem to object to this new situation either. And so, as their relationship continues over years, over repeated summers of distance, and winters of heated meetings in bars, Ester Nilsson realizes she has become a mistress.

Cutting, often cruel, and written with razor-sharp humour, in Acts of Infidelity Lena Andersson explores the role of the lover in our culture through the unabating Ester Nilsson. Impeccably observed, clever and true, Ester is your brilliant friend and you are her confidant.