Released on 31 May 2018.

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Under the Sun

An addictive literary thriller that will have you hooked

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Anna gave up everything she had in London - her flat, her job, her friends - to run away to Spain and live the dream with the handsome, complicated artist she had fallen in love with. They were building a life together, renovating a beautiful finca in the mountains - but then Michael left, with little more than a note to say goodbye, and Anna's future crashed around her ears. Now she runs a bar in the sleepy beach town of Marea, surrounded by British expats who moved out to find their own place in the sun and are secretly as homesick and stuck as Anna now feels.

When a local man, Simon, offers to rent her house, Anna hopes it will pave the way for her escape. But Simon is not who he says he is, and it soon transpires that his tenants are a group of African migrants that Anna fears he may be exploiting. When a dead body washes up on the beach in mysterious circumstances, Anna realises she alone has the power to unravel the truth...

Gripping, poignant, witty and brilliantly observed, Under the Sun is an unforgettable novel about heartbreak, identity, migration and finding a place to call home.

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The joy of this novel is in the description – from the accurate portrayal of the death throes of a relationship, to the drab reality of a dream gone sour. Compulsively readable.
Sunday Mirror
The scope of this is ambitious — what begins as a universal story about a love affair gone sour quickly becomes something much more political, a searching social commentary about displacement and institutional racism. Moggach’s setting, much like the work of Man Booker-nominated Deborah Levy, allows her to explore how behaviour can change abroad — in this case, how the British community views itself and others ... what, if anything, separates the definition of expats from that of immigrants ... A reminder that this is a true reflection of poverty in a post-recession world, of hopes dashed and borders tightened.
Financial Times
Gripping, edge-of-your-deckchair stuff