Some Sunny Day

Madge Lambert

Robert Blair

08 March 2018
368 pages


Transporting the reader to the heart-wrenching times of World War II, Some Sunny Day is an evocative memoir of love and courage in war-torn Asia by Madge Lambert.

It was July 1944 when Madge stepped onto a troopship that was to carry her thousands of miles away from home. Only twenty years old and not long qualified as a nurse, she had signed up to serve in the Burma Campaign. She would be based on the Indian border, near the frontline, where a fierce battle was raging between Allied forces and the Japanese.

Tending to the wounded, nurturing friendships and courageously pushing through the exhaustion, she found strength in fellow nurses. And then, one day, she met Captain Basil Lambert.

Their budding romance is a beacon amid the chaos, igniting a flicker of happiness and hope. But can their love survive the terrifying final months of war?

Some Sunny Day is a memoir of heroic sacrifice and unyielding resilience, and a stirring testament to the enduring power of love and courage.