Superfoods, Super Life

Madhur Kotharay

21 March 2024
350 pages


Superfoods have been integral to India’s culinary traditions for centuries. But using them effectively can often seem complex. Madhur Kotharay debunks this misconception, offering clear ways to leverage these nutritional powerhouses for improved well-being. From the heart-preserving properties of garlic and blood sugar-stabilizing capabilities of cinnamon to the immune-boosting effects of amla and liver-protecting benefits of turmeric, each chapter explores the advantages of 20 Indian superfoods and reinforces how simple lifestyle and dietary changes can not only prevent disease but also reverse some of its damage.

The book offers:

- Comprehensive coverage of 20 versatile superfoods found in Indian kitchens
- In-depth insights into the health benefits of each ingredient
- Directions on how to select, store and consume
- Scientifically supported data on their nutrient value
- Actionable guidelines on incorporating these foods into diets for a balanced, healthy lifestyle