Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child

Maya Shetreat-Klein

11 February 2016
320 pages


From allergies and ADHD to mental illnesses and obesity, new studies show the alarming rise of chronic diseases in children. A traditionally trained paediatric neurologist and a parent herself, Dr Maya Shetreat-Klein encountered the limits of conventional medicine when her son suffered a severe episode of asthma on his first birthday and began a backward slide in his development. Treatments failed to reverse his condition, so Dr Shetreat-Klein embarked on a scientific investigation, discovering that food was at the root of her son's illness, affecting his digestive system, immune system and brain. The solution was shockingly simple: heal the food, heal the gut, heal the brain . . . and heal the child.

Dr Shetreat-Klein shifted the focus of her practice and has since successfully helped chronically ill patients from around the world. Revealing the profound connections between food, nature and children's health, the book explains how food is constantly changing kids' bodies, brains and even genes - for better or for worse. She also shares success stories from her practice and tips as a working mother of three on stocking healing foods (from veggies to chocolate!), reading labels and getting even picky eaters into the new menu.

A game-changer when it comes to children's health. Carefully researched and compellingly written, Dr Shetreat-Klein explains how children's lifelong resilient health begins with food, soil, nature, and even exposure to microbes. You'll walk away from this fascinating guide with a new perspective and plenty of practical know-how from a top expert in the field. A must read!
If you are a parent, or planning to be one, Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child is your nutritional bible. Under the wise guidance of Dr Shetreat-Klein, you can save your kids from a vast array of physical/emotional chronic illnesses, not only now when they're still young but for the rest of their (longer and healthier) lives.
An exhilarating book that had me cheering from page one. Don't go the pediatrician without it