The Missing Sword

Melissa de la Cruz

Ages 9 to 11
04 January 2024
368 pages


Return to the land of Never After, where real life and fairy tales collide, in The Missing Sword, the fourth book of bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz's hit fantasy series.

To save her mother from Olga's evil clutches, Filomena must travel to the legendary land of Camelot to find the legendary sword Excalibur.

But Camelot is not all that it seems. Fil and the crew quickly realize that another fairy tale has taken hold in the land of Arthurian Legend . . . the Wizard of Oz! With the help (and hindrance) of the Wicked Witches of East and West, the League of Seven follow the yellow brick road to retrieve the sword and complete their most important quest yet.

In a land where nothing is truly as it seems, will Fil and the League of the Seven survive the witch's tests? Or will Olga's perilous plans rip Fil's mother away from her forever?

Equal parts whimsical and adventure-packed, Filomena's journey will entrance readers and have them rooting for the young, witty heroine . . . A refreshing twist on well-known fairy tales
The twist-filled plot moves along quickly with plenty of action and snappy banter