Germany Turns Eastwards

Michael Burleigh

08 February 2002
416 pages


Combining intellectual history, biography and the analysis of particular institutions, GERMANY TURNS EASTWARDS shows the relations between the Nazi regime and contemporary scholarly experts on eastern Europe, which eventually put an entire academic discipline on a path which led to biological racism and manipulation under the Nazis.

'Meticulously, stylishly, and with great skill, Burleigh describes the growing links with state authorities, and with the SS, even before the outbreak of the war and German expansion brought about the 'hour of the experts'. Michael Burleigh's excellent study is a chilling account of scholarship working in the interest of inhumane, repulsive political precepts.' Ian Kershaw

'A major contribution to our knowledge of ordinary life in Nazi Germany through its exposure of the ready collaboration of a section of the no-so-muddled majority, the academic profession' History Today

'Michael Burleigh's case against German experts on the East is brilliantly provocative and robust' Times Literary Supplement