Book cover for The Borribles

The Borribles



16 January 2014
224 pages
Imprint: Tor


Michael de Larrabeiti's stunning trilogy, put simply, comprises three
of my very, very favourite books ever . . . May they mean as much to
you as they do to me

The Borribles - pointy eared street children, battling the police and evil rodents in the alleys and underground of a mythic London - were remarkable, and definitely were one of the streams that fed into Neverwhere
Among my most favourite examples of both YA literature and literature about London . . . I sincerely hope that you give these books a try. They are full of romance - in the sense of far-away places that beckon you away from the dreary normalcy of your daily live - adventure, thrills, chases, fights, camaraderie, nobility, betrayal: everything you could possibly ask for in kids' literature

The adventures of The Hobbit and the rabbits of Watership Down
are more than once called to mind . . . and de Larrabeiti has brought
something of these mythologies to the street markets and the backalleys
of South London and the thronged waterways of the Thames