Out on 11 July 2019

Young Offender

Michael Maisey

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11 July 2019
540 minutes

Michael Maisley grew up during the late nineties on the Ivy Bridge Estate in Isleworth, west London. Abandoned by his father and abused by his uncle, scared and wanting to feel as if he belonged, he fell in with a local gang. He started drinking, taking drugs and shoplifting. By the time he was fifteen he was an armed robber. When a poorly planned raid on his local corner shop went wrong, he was sent to the infamous Feltham Young Offenders Institute.

Michael’s first stint in Feltham left him hardened. Assigned to the Quail Wing, home to the institute’s most violent and dangerous offenders, he soon established his place in the system. Over the next five years, Michael became one of London’s most wanted armed robbers. In and out of prison, he was accused of drug-dealing, assault and even attempted murder. Totally dependent on drugs and alcohol, he was subjected to a controversial detox programme which ended in a failed suicide attempt. At rock bottom, he began attending AA meetings. But a drug-deal gone wrong left him with an ultimatum - change or die. Could he leave his criminal past behind?

A Boy with a Gun is a powerful story of redemption by a man who found the strength to turn his life around and - with no qualifications - to become a successful businessman and loving father.