The Road To Ever After

Moira Young

Ages 9 to 11
19 October 2017
240 pages


Davy David, an orphan, lives by his wits in the dead-end town of Brownvale. When a stray dog called George turns Davy's life upside down just days before Christmas, he sets in motion a chain of events which forces them to flee. A mischievous wind blows the two of them to a boarded-up museum on the outskirts of town where they meet the elderly recluse, Miss Flint. She has planned one last adventure before her time is up and hires the reluctant Davy and George to escort her.

The Road to Ever After by Moira young is a magical adventure about an unlikely friendship and an unforgettable journey.

Beautiful, deeply affecting.
One of the most vivid, lively, uplifting and funny books of the year.
A grand adventure full of surprises and inexplicable mysteries, culminating in a bittersweet ending that will stay with readers... the mysteries that surface will have readers riveted. Gorgeous writing combines with a hauntingly bleak near-future setting, a whiff of holiday magic, and a transcendent story arc to make this novel feel like the classic it deserves to become.