Agent Cormac Series

Neal Asher

Neal Asher’s Agent Cormac novels are set in his far-future Polity Universe, where artificial intelligence rule over humans, and interstellar travel is as easy as stepping through a doorway. Action, adventure and political machinations combine in these five science fiction thrillers, from ‘a modern master of sci-fi’ (Starburst). Starting with Gridlinked, the stories follow the exploits of burnt-out Earth Central Security Agent Ian Cormac. The series is perfect for fans of Peter F. Hamilton, Iain M. Banks, Alastair Reynolds or James S. A. Corey.

Gridlinked #1 in series


Book 1 in the series

In outer space you can never feel sure that your adversary is altogether human. The runcible buffers on Samarkand have been mysteriously sabotaged, killing many thousands and destroying a terraforming project. Agent Cormac must reach it by ship to begin an investigation. But Cormac has incurred the wrath of a vicious psychopath called Pelter, who is prepared to follow him across the galaxy with a terrifying android in tow. Despite the sub-zero temperature of Samarkand, Cormac discovers signs of life: they are two 'dracomen', alien beasts contrived by an extra-galactic entity calling itself ...

The Line of Polity #2 in series

The Line of Polity

Book 2 in the series

Old enemies meet on new worlds in The Line of Polity, the second novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series.At the frontiers of human-occupied space, the Miranda space station has been utterly destroyed. Earth Central assigns Agent Ian Cormac to discover the truth, because the alien bioconstruct Dragon seems the most likely culprit.Meanwhile, rebellion is brewing on Masada. The planet’s people are enslaved on the surface, living in fear of their overlords in orbit, who punish transgressions with laser strikes. Leaving their compounds also means death, as monstrous predators roam the ...

Brass Man #3 in series

Brass Man

Book 3 in the series

Brass Man is the third novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series.On the primitive world Cull, a knight errant called Anderson hunts a dragon, not knowing that elsewhere is a resurrected brass killing machine, Mr Crane, assisting in a similar hunt. Learning that this old enemy still lives, agent Cormac pursues, while scientist Mika begins discovering the horrifying truth about an ancient alien technology. Each day is a survival struggle for the people of Cull. Ferocious insectile monsters roam their planet, as they try to escape to their forefathers’ starship still orbiting far ...

Polity Agent #4 in series

Polity Agent

Book 4 in the series

Polity Agent is the fourth novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series.Refugees arrive in the Polity from eight hundred years in Agent Cormac’s future. And once they are through, the gate they use is dumped into the sun, as something dangerous and non-human is in pursuit. Cormac soon learns that the Maker civilization they have come from has been destroyed – by alien Jain technology. Orlandine, an augmented human, is studying this lethal tech in Cormac’s timeline. She may manage to harness its power, or it might destroy her. Meanwhile, Cormac is desperate to stamp down on this same ...

Line War #5 in series

Line War

Book 5 in the series

The Line War is the fifth and final novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series.The human Polity worlds are under attack from Erebus, a renegade AI. And it’s now merged with lethal Jain technology, and isn’t afraid to use it. When Erebus kills millions, on a world of no apparent significance, Agent Ian Cormac is sent to investigate. He’s also secretly struggling with an ability no human should possess – and starts questioning the motives of his AI masters.Further indiscriminate attacks attract the Polity’s most dangerous individuals. Mr Crane, a brass killing machine, seeks vengeance ...