The Winning Culture

Neeraj Bali

23 November 2023
304 pages


'A great book on leadership and institution-building' Subroto Bagchi

'A must-read' General V. P. Malik

‘A culture-building toolkit for CEOs and CXOs’ J. Suresh

‘An essential read for leaders and visionaries’ Radhika Ghai

Organizations are known to invest huge sums of money and substantial resources to design elaborate business strategies. Why then do these well-laid plans so frequently run aground? How come leaders find themselves struggling to motivate their rank and file despite offering generous monetary compensations? What makes it so difficult to build loyal, unified teams that are willing to put their company’s success above all else? According to Neeraj Bali, an Indian Army veteran turned executive performance coach, the root of these persisting problems is the lack of a robust company culture.

Drawing from his vast military experience as well as interviews with members of the Army fraternity, Bali provides an easy-to-use culture-building toolkit for all those at the helm of teams big and small. Through powerful anecdotes from the battlefield – the Kashmir Valley, the Sri Lankan civil war, the insurgency in Assam, among others – he shows us how fine strategies are crafted and applied, the gravest of crises thoughtfully navigated, how team members strive to perform better and eagerly support one another, ultimately gaining overarching victories, all by way of a cohesive underlying culture. Such examples are then distilled into intelligent blueprints to help leaders build their own durable culture – the ultimate fount of high performance, effective collaboration and success.

A power-packed compendium of tried and tested guidelines, The Winning Culture is the perfect handbook for leaders looking to revolutionize organizational culture and lead their teams to guaranteed wins.