Out on 06 March 2025
Book cover for The Amendments

The Amendments



06 March 2025
320 pages
Imprint: Picador


Niamh Mulvey's wonderfully compelling characters and deft, clear prose offer great pleasure. Her sense of political and cultural change is sharp, and the beauty she finds in days of struggle is haunting.
A smart, subtle, engrossing and moving novel that gives voice to so much that's unspoken about Ireland and about youth.
An extraordinary achievement. The Amendments is about a lot of things - love, family, girlhood, growing up, sex, legacy, compassion - all blended into a moving plot, expertly handled. Wonderful.
I loved The Amendments. Rare is the novel that is as significant as it is enjoyable: her characters glimmer with heart and soul, her writing is beautiful and her themes profound. It's a book about mothers and daughters, friendship, hope, bravery and what it means to believe in something. A fantastic and important achievement.'