Book cover for Beneath the Bonfire

Beneath the Bonfire



11 February 2016
272 pages
Imprint: Picador


Some narratives have been gloriously expanded into fully molded works of art, while others are mere portraits, short yet no less poignant . . . Sensitive to the human condition, Butler continues to demonstrate his impressive command of atmosphere and humanity
Butler's characters could have emerged from vintage American rock songs, living on small hopes and banding together as best they can
I love these stories: they're quiet, careful. As glaciated as their own vistas. Without a doubt, Beneath the Bonfire is a diamond of a collection, shaped and hardened through the profound geologic pressures of love and pain
The stories in Beneath the Bonfire highlight the strength in people during some of their weakest moments. The rich poetry in Butler's gut-wrenching prose makes for a stunning portrait of quiet life in small town America. A universally relatable voice, filled with heart and grit